Sunday, April 14, 2013

Studs, studs everywhere!!!

Yeah, I know studs are everywhere, and that they've become kinda mainstream, but I LOVE them. I can't help but buying everything with studs on them; clothes/ jewellery/ shoes.... Maybe because I'm used to dress up as sweet as possible and studs make my feel dangerous :P
Anyway, I really like them, they're cute, make an outfit look good, and spikes are very in for the moment.

I'd like to know your opinion too. Are you tired and fed up with spikes? Or do you like them?

Enjoy a few pics of mine :)


Speaking of our minds...

Tadadaaa so we're back on stage! Gotta say that I love how our minds work, how similar and different me and Xhoi are... So today we officially break into the fashion world just so we can make a statement. What's so special about our blog? We're sure gonna post everything that comes in our minds... outfits, nails, diy, anything that we love... food! Maybe... but yet it's fun challenging yourself to be honest with the whole world!

About me... let's see:
1. Loving fashion in every single aspect

2. Art is what keeps me alive

3. NY is one of the biggest dreams I have

4. I loooove manga

5. Guess what? I love Xhoi as well... she's my bff after all  :PP

and many many other sentences can only try to describe my character.

Waiting for the best... Hi everybody!!!

XoxO Leticia

Wrapped in Colour

Hello everyone,
Its Xhoi and Leticia here.
We're new on the blog :P so we'd like you to help us by giving us new ideas on what to post and what you would like to see.
First, lets talk about who we are.
We're two 17 year old girls who live in Tirana, Albania and we have passion for fashion :)
We know each other since 1st grade ( when we were best friends), but we had a separation on the 2st grade as Leticia had to change schools. Years past and we have to admit that we had started to forget about each other. One day, the first day as freshmen in high school, we meet again.(thank god Leticia recognized me, coz if it was for me, I would have never remembered her-xhoi) We were, of course, so happy to be united again. Was it fate, destiny? Dunno, but it was the best thing that happened to us that year.
Unfortunately, Leticia changed schools again this year, but that's not gonna damage our friendship :)

Anywaaay, long story short, as we mentioned in the beginning, we love fashion in every dimension and we'd like to share our ideas with you guys. We two have different styles, but that's what makes it even more intriguing.
So, hope you like us. Follow if you want <3
                                                     Xhoi & Leticia